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Cosmap Bespoke

Listen to the needs of our Customer and answer with all our experience and with the most advanced technologies.
COSMAP has always been distinguished by the flexibility and accuracy when facing every challenge involving the processing of metal and non-metal products. The intensive study of the grinding and polishing process whether manual or automated, and a strong inclination to a better technological, mechanical and electronic research gave birth to great developments and solutions.
During the past thirty years of this company’s history, we tried to treasure every single experience regarding the process and the technological solutions, trying more and more often to improve and combine these two factors.

  • The research for the most economical and functional solution for the client; the cost/efficiency relationship is the first factor to take in consideration;
  • Open minded to any kind of application (processing metals, plastics, wood…) and process (adding drilling units, other special units, etc.);
  • Great willingness to help the client finding an ideal solution;
  • Never ending studies, tests and checks to learn as much as possible on the process.

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