Automatic grinding machines

The various technological solution offered by C.O.S.M.A.P. for the automatization of the grinding, deburring and satin finishing processes, are based on the employment of the rotary table and its great efficiency when interfaced with our various models of working unit, or when integrated into a robotic isle.

Employing these types of processing system, alone or coupled, can be the right solution to create a high-performing, flexible, and user-friendly machine. Within this section, you will find our solutions sorted by type of application and customizable distinctive traits, to be employed in each field of application in the most efficient, innovating and competitive way.


Robotic Cell

The most flexible solution to face delicate and complex grinding/linishing operations; the aim is to make them more and more performing and productive. Robotic cells distinguish themselves thanks to their versatility in facing the grinding process.
Thanks to special grinding units, it is possible to shift the tool needed in the process from, for example, simple grinding disks to flap wheels, to scotch-brite buffs, etc.
Furthermore, each unit is equipped with a controlled axis that allows the rotation of the entire grinding head on a 0 to 180 degrees angle, with the intent to ease and speed up the grinding process, helping the robot as it needs to reach uneven surfaces or when its own arm stands in the way.
Each unit is also mounted on a linear, controlled-axis ball screw to manage the operating pressure and to compensate the consumption of the buff, and/or to reposition the unit if required.


Indexed Rotary Tables

The starting point to automatize the polishing process with an indexed rotary table. This type of machine is to consider as the first level of automation of the grinding process thanks to the Rotary Table. The operating units set around the Rotary Table are essential to complete each step of the grinding process and, depending on the product nature and the cycle time duration, possess different characteristics.
The characteristics that distinguish these machines are: reliability, easiness of use and processing speed. COSMAP, as a Rotary Table automatic metal grinding and polishing unit designer and builder, can respond to any kind of request, granting the client the ideal quantity of perfect-sized units needed for the intended use. These simple, yet highly effective grinding units can be equipped with multiple simple electric or servo-controlled axes, in order to increase the processing performance.
To speed up the production change these working units are pre-set for the auto-positioning – the auto-positioning is a function that allows the automatic working unit positioning thanks to motorized electric axes.


Flatbed machines

The simplest and most efficient solution for the grinding of metal surfaces, still proposed as the cutting edge in this field becoming more and more performing.


Custom solutions

Listen to the needs of our Customer and answer with all our experience and with the most advanced technologies. COSMAP has always been distinguished by the flexibility and accuracy when facing every challenge involving the processing of metal and non-metal products.
The intensive study of the grinding and polishing process whether manual or automated, and a strong inclination to a better technological, mechanical and electronic research gave birth to great developments and solutions. During the past thirty years of this company’s history, we tried to treasure every single experience regarding the process and the technological solutions, trying more and more often to improve and combine these two factors.