Indexed rotary table with C.S.L. type grinding/linishing unit


Indexed rotary table with C.S.L. type grinding/linishing unit

The starting point to automatize the polishing process with an indexed rotary table
This type of machine is to consider as the first level of automation of the grinding process thanks to the Rotary Table.
The operating units set around the Rotary Table are essential to complete each step of the grinding process and, depending on the product nature and the cycle time duration, possess different characteristics.
The characteristics that distinguish these machines are: reliability, easiness of use and processing speed.
COSMAP, as a Rotary Table automatic metal grinding and polishing unit designer and builder, can respond to any kind of request, granting the client the ideal quantity of perfect-sized units needed for the intended use.
These simple, yet highly effective grinding units can be equipped with multiple simple electric or servo-controlled axes, in order to increase the processing performance.
To speed up the production change these working units are pre-set for the auto-positioning – the auto-positioning is a function that allows the automatic working unit positioning thanks to motorized electric axes.

  • Ease of use;
  • High production rates thanks to the Rotary Table and hidden loading/unloading times;
  • Highly efficient and fast processing cycle, using a different unit for each processing step;
  • Fast and easy production change thanks to the auto-positioning;
  • Steady production capability;
  • Machine long-term lasting, thanks to the quality parts composing the working units;
  • Easy maintenance.

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