C.N.C. type polishing unit 2


Indexed rotary table with C.N.C.2 type polishing unit

The ideal solution to automatize a multi-phase polishing process with a single unit.
This double-buff CNC2 polishing unit is a further step towards the innovation and development of the already consolidated and renowned CNC polishing unit.
The combination of the characteristics of the Indexed Rotary Table with the innovative and flexible multi-axis polishing units called CNC2 allows to reduce dramatically the size and cost employing a single unit for multiple processing steps. Great for processing small batches, the double-buff CNC2 units distinguish themselves for their great flexibility and their reduced cost compared to the task performed.
The movements of each polishing unit are controlled by seven different controlled axes that can manage two different polishing heads.
The fixture, placed on the spindle can perform rotation movements as well as overturning movements that may be interpolated with those of the polishing unit.
Therefore, each station has nine controlled and interpolated axes, considering the two on the table, and the seven on the unit.

Limited expense
The price is reduced as a single unit, possessing the capabilities of two, can be bought. The unit can perform complex operations for a wide range of products with no performance limitations and with a smaller quantity of fixtures on the table, hence speeding up the set-up time of the machine.

  • Great flexibility, even when managing a process that implies multiple phases
  • Contained price compared to the task performed
  • Rotary Table accessories and tool rack contained costs
  • The great flexibility of the CNC unit allows to polish any kind of object – even complex-shaped ones
  • Quick and certified machine set-up
  • Programming easiness with self-learning system, with no need to learn any machine programming language
  • CNC2 unit sizing variable according to the client’s needs

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